Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Thundrblade?

Thundrblade is an electric-motorized inline skate frame system. That is basically inline skates with electric motors.
The product itself is the motorized frame, which can be attached to any inline skate boot of your choosing (see below for compatible boots). 

Q: Can I skate normally with Thundrblade?

A: Yes, Thundrblade is designed to skate just like a normal inline skate when you want to or when batteries are dead.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we will ship worldwide.

Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A: The shipping cost will be paid before we ship your Thundrblade, we didn't add it into our Indiegogo campaign just to make sure you don't pay more than you need, we will ship it with the lowest rate possible in April 2019 to your country.

Q: Is Thundrblade hard to learn?

A: Thundrblade is easier to skate than a normal inline skate since it has regen brakes, and you don't need one-foot balance to push. We will have video tutorials on how to ride and skate with Thundrblade.

Q: Can I grind with Thundrblade?

A: No, Thundrblade is not meant for grinding.

Q: Can I do tricks/jumps with Thundrblade?

A: Yes, Thundrblade can withstand anything a normal Urban skate can. It can handle tricks and jumps

Q: Can I Thundrblade if it's rainy outside?

A: Thundrblade components can withstand rain, but the motors and brakes will not work optimally when the pavement is wet. We advise the use of off-road tires and disengage of the motor for wet pavement skating.

Q: What happens when I need spare batteries or parts later in the future?

A: We will sell all the parts including the batteries on our website

Q: If I break my remote controller will I be able to order a new one?

A: Yes, we will offer replacement controllers on our website.

Q: Can I test ride a Thundrblade?

A: Unfortunately we have only one prototype available right now, so test riding is going to be difficult until we have the production version ready.

Q:  What is the max weight limit for Thundrblade?

A: The maximum weight limit is 120kg/270pounds

Q: Does Thundrblade come in different sizes? 

A: Thundrblade frame is only one size, but our complete setup has all shoe sizes from US 6/EU 38 to US10.5 EU 44. Refer to the sizing chart bellow. If you have feet bigger or smaller than this we suggest getting the Thundrblade Frame System option and looking for a skate boot from a different brand.


Q: How much doesThundrblade weigh?

A: Thundrblade is 2.3kg/5 pounds for each foot in a complete setup including boots and batteries, the same as a normal aggressive inline skate.

Q: What is the range per fully charged battery?

A: In 100% electric mode is 12km/7miles, in assist mode is 20~30km/13~20 miles depending on how much the skater pushes with their own power.

Q: What is "Regenerative Braking"?

A: When you brake Thundrblade, it uses its motors to apply resistance to the wheels generating electricity in the process. This electricity is put into the batteries recharging them.

Q: Can I recharge the batteries skating using the Regenerative Brakes?

A: Yes, you could, but it would take a really long time. Regenerative brakes extend the total range of Thundrblade, especially in the case of a really long downhill where you control your speed using the regenerative brakes.

Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: The Thundrblade battery pair charges fully in around 2 hours

Q: Can I order spare batteries/charger?

A: Yes. There's a perk for extra batteries, just add the value to your pledge.

Q: Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?

A: The backer is responsible for import duties and taxes, please check your country's import duties before purchasing. 

Q: Can I buy Thundrblade in bulk to sell in my country?

A: Yes, you can. There's a reward with 5 pairs, or send us an email to info@thundrblade.com and we will get back to you.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Please refer to Indiegogo's policy here